Here are the top 7 tips to depersonalize your home so that potential buyers can picture themselves living there!
These changes will subtly influence buyers to say “yes” to your house and close as soon as possible.
1 – Remove Photographs, Awards, and Certificates (non-personal pictures on the wall are okay so the place doesn’t look empty)
2 – Neutralize Your Book Collection…only choose to show books that are generic yet would appeal to the masses. Think “coffee table books.”
3 – Take Down Artwork and Collections, including anything with political messages, nudity, sports teams, religious imagery, and family heirlooms.
4 – Get Rid Of Religious Items, since not all home buyers will have similar beliefs as yours and might not appreciate religious items on display.
5 – Stage Each Room To Reflect Its Purpose Or Potential. Bare rooms are not inviting and can create an “echo chamber” that might be unappealing to people.
6 – Choose Appealing Colors. For the interior of your home, choose colors that appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Remove wallpaper and avoid bright or dark colors. Avoid using too many colors.
7 – Use Complementary Colors Wisely. For carpeting and accessories use complementary colors (e.g., blue and orange, purple and yellow, red and green), following the rule that 80% of the predominate color should be a neutral, with 20% as the appealing complementary color.
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