André K. Thé

The Story of Success


My name is André K. Thé. Yes that is really my last name! It is pronounced like “Tay” it is spelled just like you see it. I grew up on the West Coast. My formal education is in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I have been very blessed to have traveled throughout most of the United States. My family and I have lived out West Coast, Texas, Kansas and Iowa. We have made Florida our forever home since 2014.

My father dragged me out at an early age, to see how he was doing his real estate purchases and investments. I helped him with his rental properties. I watched him succeed. I saw him struggle. More importantly I learned from my father how hard work and a good business sense makes Real Estate a great method in creating wealth, that can be passed onto future generations.

I take that same passion and patience, that my father taught me at an early age. I work with First Time Home Buyers, Investors, Military and Veterans. I focus on properties in the Northwest Florida Panhandle. I represent buyers and sellers in Real Estate transactions, including second homes, vacation rentals and investment portfolios.

I am proud to share my 40+ years of hands-on experience in real estate purchases, investments, developments, renovations and sales experience. I have been an active Real Estate Investor in California, Texas and Florida. I understand the mortgage and real estate industry, which gives me the competitive edge to move quickly and efficiently, close deals. My goal is your goal.

When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, cooking, regional wines, cigars and American BBQ. I love to share those experiences with my family and most recently on my travel BLOG. 

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